Two almond meringue shells that sandwich a filling of butter cream, ganache, or jam. Certified gluten-free, handmade, and we use absolutely no artificial colors, preservatives, flavorings, or compounds.

birthday macaron

Birthday Cake

A sweet reminder of your childhood birthday.

choco macaron


Intense and sensual, our chocolate macaron is made with bold dark chocolate.

coffee macaron


Luscious and refined, this macaron is pure pleasure.

cookies and cream macaron

Cookies & Cream

An all-time classic now in a French macaron for the perfect moment of self-indulgence.

hazelnut brittle macaron

Hazelnut Brittle

Sweet, sweet, sweet! With its roasted hazelnut filling and its crunchy praline coating, this macaron makes you feel like a kid again.

lemon macaron


Slightly acidic, the lemon complements the almond meringue perfectly. The most refreshing macaron!

orange truffe macaron

Orange Truffle

A truffle-like macaron made from intoxicating rich chocolate enhanced by a hint of orange liquor.

pistachio macaron


Elegant and so Parisian, La Pistache reveals its enticing softness.

raspberry macaron


Made from scratch from tasty raspberries, this macaron heightens the taste of the fresh fruits.

red velvet macaron

Red Velvet

The perfect traditional American dessert in a French macaron!

salted caramel macaron

Salted Caramel

Dangerously addictive, a pinch of sea salt exalts the irresistible flavor of the home-made caramel.

vanilla macaron


Coming directly from Tahiti, our bewitching vanilla beans bring a rich and exotic flavor to this delicate macaron.